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What Can I Find On The Homepage?
What Can I Find On The Homepage?
Written by David Harder
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Digital whiteboard: At the top you see the circle with the current tasks and appointments. Below you can see the tasks in detail and filter them by category (task, illness, medication, appointment, training).

  • Gait analysis: You can record your training. Measure gaits, distance, speed and more.

  • Overview health record: Add information about your horse’s health, e.g. information about eyes, ears, coat, mane & tail etc. Click to see and manage more information.

    • Equine Passport: Edit your horse’s information here.

    • Treatments: Add upcoming appointments related to your horse.

    • Medication: Add current medications or upcoming vaccinations here so you don’t forget anything.

    • Diseases: Enter any past illnesses your horse has had.

    • Body values: Track weight, temperature, pulse, respiration, height and use the Cushing’s diary.

    • Symptom Diary: Keep health information up to date to notice abnormalities.

    • Emergency contacts: Note emergency contacts, such as veterinary clinic, veterinarian or contact person. Click on the contact to call directly or get directions.

  • Overview pasture management: Summary of fructan risk, weather data and last pasture time.

  • Overview training diary: View your planned training sessions.

  • Horse stable: Overview of all your horses.

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