Please check your phone manufacturer below, we have summarized the most common ones for you. If our tips are not enough for you, we can recommend Here you can find tips for almost all models.


The most common reason for app interruption on an iPhone is the use of other computationally intensive apps. To keep your phone from crashing, another app is closed. This happens, for example, when

  • taking photos at the same time

  • recording videos

  • using several training apps in parallel.


Samsung causes the most problems when it comes to suddenly quitting apps. Please check your settings! You can find out which Android version you have via Settings → Phone info → Software information.

It is best to try several settings until the problem no longer occurs.

Samsung has several optimization apps, all of them can cause the problems:

Android 11: battery optimization, auto optimization, adaptive battery, adaptive power saving mode, background restrictions, sleeping apps lists, unused apps, apps in deep sleep, apps that never sleep.

Android Pie and later: device maintenance, background restrictions, sleeping app lists, unused apps, automatically disabling unused apps

Android Oreo and Nougat: app power monitoring, background restrictions.

Android Marshmallow or lower: intelligent manager

Android 11

Lock app

  • open "HappieHorse"

  • open the last open apps

  • find our app in the list

  • long press on the app icon and select "lock".

Battery optimization

  • Settings → Apps → "HappieHorse"→ Battery → Battery Optimization → All Apps → "HappieHorse" -→ Do not optimize.

Optimize battery operation

  • Settings → Apps → (⁝)-menu → Special access → Optimize battery usage → Search "HappieHorse" in "All Apps" and disable the switch if enabled

Daily Auto Optimization + Adaptive Power Saving.

  • Settings → Battery and device maintenance → (⁝)-menu → Rule → disable "daily auto optimize"


  • Settings → Battery and Device Maintenance → (⁝)-Menu → Advanced → disable "auto optimize" and "optimize settings".

Adaptive Battery

  • Settings → Battery and device maintenance → Battery → Other battery settings → disable "Adaptive battery".

Sleeping Apps

  • Settings → Battery and device maintenance → Battery → Background usage limits → disable "Standby for unused apps" and add "HappieHorse" to the list of apps that never sleep.

Android Pie and 10

Battery optimization is enabled by default. It is possible that disabled settings are undone after updates or reboots. Apps that are not started for more than three days will automatically stop running background tasks.

The settings are similar to Android 11, only the names differ.

  • Phone Settings → Device Care → tap the item Battery → (⁝) 3-dot menu > Settings → disable "HappieHorse" from this list.

  • Check if Phone Settings → Apps → Hibernate as Android → Battery → Background Restriction Status, as apps that are supposed to run in the background may consume battery.

  • Settings → Battery and device maintenance → Battery → (⁝) 3-point menu → Sleeping apps → and clear the list.

  • OR Settings → Battery and Device Maintenance → Battery → App Power Management → disable "Standby for unused apps" → and add "HappieHorse" to the list of apps that never sleep.

Battery Optimization

  • System Settings → Apps → "HappieHorse" → Optimize Battery Usage, expand the list and then set the app to "not optimized" with the toggle switch.

Android Oreo and Nougat 8+7

App energy monitor

This feature can be turned off or you can manage apps individually.

  • Settings -→ Device Maintenance -→ Battery, and at the bottom you'll see a list of your most frequently used apps.

Apps that are in sleep mode are shown in the list of apps in sleep mode below (tap it to expand the list).

The list of unmonitored apps is at the bottom (longer scrolling is required) - these are apps you specifically want to exclude (whitelist) from app power monitoring.

When you're in the Unmonitored Apps menu, you can tap the 3-dot menu to add or delete apps from the list.

Android Marshmallow and older

  • Phone Settings → Apps → Choose the three-dot menu (top right) → Special Access → Optimize Battery Usage → Find "HappieHorse" in the list and make sure it is not selected.


Check if you have problems with your Huawei phone recording.

Sometimes you need to change settings so that the recording does not stop. Here are some tips:

EMUI 8, 9, and 10 devices (e.g. Huawei P20, Huawei P20 lite, Huawei Mate 10, etc.).

  • Phone settings → Battery → App launch and select "Manage manually". Make sure that "Manage all automatically" is disabled.

  • Make sure to DISABLE all switches in the overview of our app "HappieHorse".

Individual functions may be named differently on your phone.

EMUI 9+ devices

In the settings under "Battery Optimization", you should select the small inverted triangle next to "Do Not Allow", find the app "HappieHorse" under "All Apps", select it and enable "Do Not Allow".

There is also a new app "PowerGenie" on some devices that restricts all apps except for those specified by Huawei. The only option is to uninstall it. Please have a look at

EMUI 5.X and 8.X.

Here, the setting is called "Ignore battery optimization". Touch the small triangle next to "Allow", find our app and select "Allow".

EMUI 6+ devices (and some EMUI 5 devices).

  • Phone settings → Advanced settings → Battery manager → Set power plan to power.

  • Phone Settings → Advanced Settings → Battery Manager → Protected Apps - set the "HorseAnalytics" app to "Protected".

  • Phone settings → Apps → "HappieHorse" → Battery → Power intensive prompt [uncheck] and "Keep running after screen off" [check].

  • Phone settings → Apps → Advanced (at the bottom) → Ignore optimizations → Press Allowed → All apps → Search the app in the list and set it to "Allowed".

Huawei P9 Plus

  • Phone settings → Apps → Settings → Special access → Ignore battery optimizations → Select "allow" for the app.

Huawei Honor 9 Lite, Huawei Mate 9 Pro

  • Phone Settings → Battery → Start, and then set the app to "Manage manually" and make sure everything is turned on.


With OnePlus, you may have to reset the settings after updates.

Locking an app

Locking an app can prevent it from quitting in the background.

Launch our app to lock it. Go to "recent apps", swipe up and hold to open recent apps. Long press anywhere and tap "Lock" in the upper right corner of the app. The locked app will have a lock icon on it.

Battery optimization

  • Disable in system settings → apps → gear icon → special access → battery optimization.

This setting is sometimes reset for no reason. Then you have to lock the app as described above.

  • Choose System Settings → Battery → Battery Optimization, switch to "All Apps" in the top right menu → HappieHorse → Do not optimize.

Auto App Start

You should disable this feature for our app.

OnePlus 6 and more:

  • System Settings → Battery → Battery Optimization → (three dots) → Advanced Optimization.

There you will see two options. Both are enabled by default:

  • Deep Optimization or Adaptive Battery.

This is the main app killer. If you want to keep apps running in the background, disable it.

Sleep Standby Optimization

OnePlus tries to figure out when you normally sleep and then disables the phone's network connections during those times. This setting prevents push notifications from being delivered.

OnePlus on 6:

  • Disable in System Settings → Battery → Battery Optimization → (three dots) → Advanced Optimization.

Closing apps

Normally, an app is not completely closed when you swipe it away. However, this can lead to a complete shutdown on OnePlus.


If you have problems with recording on your Nokia phone, check here:

Nokia may disable all apps after 20 minutes.


Lock app

Open the recent apps tray and drag "HappieHorse" down to lock the app. To remove it from there, drag it down again. On some phones, you may need to press and hold the app and select the lock icon.

MIUI optimization

This is hidden in the developer settings. To get there, you need to tap 10 times on the MUIU version of your phone in "About phone". Once there, you need to turn off "MIUI Optimization".


In the app's settings, select the following:

  • Enable autostart

  • enable all permissions

  • Prohibit power saving for the app


Select "no restrictions" in the app settings under "save battery" → "no restrictions".


Here it works analogously: Select in the app settings under "Save battery" → "no restrictions".

Other settings

  • Settings → Advanced settings → Battery manager → Power plan is set to power.

  • Device Settings → Advanced Settings → Battery Manager → Protected Apps - The app must be protected.

  • Device Settings → Apps → HappieHorse → Battery → "Power-intensive prompt" and "Keep running after screen off".

  • Settings → More Settings → Battery & Power → Manage app battery usage and here: Turn power saving modes to Off

Select the next options: Background Power Saving → Select Apps → HappieHorse → Background Settings → No Restrictions

  • Security → Battery → App Battery Saver → HappieHorse → No Restriction


Make these settings:

  • Device Settings → Advanced Settings → Battery Manager → Power Plan set to Power.

  • Device Settings → Advanced Settings → Battery Manager → Protected Apps - mark "HappieHorse" as Protected.

  • In Device Settings → Apps → "HappieHorse" → Battery → "Power-intensive prompt" and "Allow to continue running after the screen is turned off", check it.

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